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Boeing Space & Communications Journal

 116 page corporate capabilities brochure

 Brochure Design + Creative Direction + Print Production

This is the project that started my 20 year long association with Randy Jolly. We have worked on hundreds of projects since, but this was the first and arguably the most important of them all. Boeing’s Space and Communications Division included Expendable Launch Systems, Sea Launch Company, Rocketdyne Propulsion, Human Space Flight (including the Space Shuttle and Space Station), National Missile Defense, Government Information and Satellite Systems, as well as Phantom Works. All these had to be equally represented in this piece. Randy and I worked closely with the Boeing team in Seattle on a mostly remote basis as outside contractors. We communicated with them and each other by telephone and email. My involvement was creative direction, graphic design and print production, digital alterations and manipulation for the entire project. Randy provided input on page layout, content, copy writing, photography direction and client coordination. Randy and I designed and produced the project in about four months. We wanted a very modern clean look for the piece with lots of images, lots of white space and limited text. Boeing execs agreed. Print quality was important so we chose the best printer in Dallas and used the best paper available. Initially there were 30,000 copies printed. Later Boeing ordered another 30,000. This was a very important sales tool for Boeing and was seen by the President of the United States as well as the Joint Chiefs and most of the representatives of the free world.
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 Boeing’s ALL SYSTEMS GO Magazine

 Corporate magazine design for the Space & Communications division

 Magazine Design + Creative Direction + Print Production

After the huge success of The Boeing Journal, the team of Hogan Design and Randy Jolly were in a good position to propose some more marketing ideas to Boeing executives. We pitched the idea of producing a quarterly magazine that Boeing could send out to customers to keep them interested and in the loop with what was happeneing at Boeing. We were cleared for takeoff for the first three issues. We designed this magazine layout from the ground up to take advantage of the Boeing brand. Here’s what Boeing President & CEO Jim Albough  had to say:

image of Jim Albaugh Boeing CEO

I’m excited to introduce the premiere issue of All Systems Go, a quarterly update of the latest developments at Boeing Space and Communications (S&C). All Systems Go is intended to keep customers current on our efforts to provide them with best-in-class solutions, to understand their challenges and expectations, and to foster and maintain close working relationships characterized by honesty, integrity, innovation and a sense of shared destiny. The publication also is intended to highlight continuous process improvements underway at S&C. Whether it’s streamlining strategic business planning, implementing lean manufacturing or strengthening subcontract management – the Boeing team is continually striving to do business better today than we did yesterday, and even better tomorrow. As the title suggests, All Systems Go describes Boeing’s efforts in creating system-of-systems solutions for our customers – that is, taking disparate systems not designed to work together, and using our technology and experience in end-to-end systems integration to make them speak with a single voice. The articles in this issue reflect our vision of an integrated battlespace of the future, where enhanced operational effectiveness comes from the integration of varied platforms into seamless networks. Networks that provide the information and situational awareness necessary to secure and maintain the competitive edge required in our new national security environment. S&C sees a similar networkcentric future on the commercial side with significant growth potential. As you thumb through the pages of All Systems Go, I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm for our capabilities, my gratitude for the efforts of so many talented Boeing employees, and my excitement about our role in helping customers meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Jim Albaugh
President and Chief Executive Officer
Boeing Space and Communications

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