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Shinoda USA Anti Marking Jackets Illustrations

2D & 3D Illustrations + Copy Writing 

 Brochure Design + Creative Direction + Print Production 

As you know, we humans are visual creatures. Good designers know how to make the most of it in their designs.  Whether that be print, packaging for retail, product design or advertising; imagery adds interest and information that words can not convey. The old saying “a photograph is worth a thousand words” is true, but sometimes an illustration is worth a thousand photographs. A good example of this is a brochure I created for Shinoda USA. They produce a very fine anti-marking jacket that goes on modern commercial printing presses. 

3D illustration print roller by Hogan Design

 Shinoda USA Brochure Cover 3d Illustration

  3D Modeling + High Resolution Rendering

The above image was created using professional 3D software that allowed me to create models of the various items needed for this illustration and manipulate them in space. The silvery glass beads represent a microscopic view of the material coating Shinoda USA uses for it’s printing blankets. These tiny glass beads cover the surface of the substrate and are the reason these blankets are the best in the world. I thought they would make a great background for the print roller and blanket models I created in the foreground. We were the first to create this type of illustration and it is now the industry standard.

Cut Away Illustrations showing various iterations

This is a series of 3D illustrations showing cut away views. These were all done using 3D software. The great thing about 3D modeling is that once you get the basic models created you can change easily change all aspects of the scene so many iterations can be done quickly and easily.

3D Illustrations showing blanket mounting details

Commercial printing presses are all different and require different mounting hardware depending on the application. Shinoda USA manufactures their blankets to fit the most popular mahines so it was important to show each version. These 3D illustrations accurately depict each one.

Close-up detail of mounting structures

These 3D illustrations show how some of the mounting structures can be changed to fit various specific press rollers. This variation is important so the product works smoothly and was needed to show the customer how this variation looked.

3D Illustrations of glass bead technology

These illustrations were done quickly using basic primative shapes and changing the materials to look like glass and or plastics. The only other way to get this detail would be to hire an illustrator or use microphotography which would be much more expensive and no more informative to the viewer.

3D Illustrations showing layer technology

The client wanted a graphic representation of layers they used in the manufacturing process of their products. These 3D illustrations were what I came up with.

2D Illustrations of the manufacturing process

These illustrations were done using a more traditional 2D illustration program (Adobe Ilustrator). These are flat vector images which can be simple or very complex.

image of Jim Albaugh Boeing CEO

“Rick Hogan’s graphic design work is second to none, he understood our ideas and brought them to life as no other could. Rick’s professionalism and creativity are key to his success and we feel fortunate to find such a person and look forward to future projects with him.”
James A. Elliott
Shinoda USA, Inc.

Download Shinoda Brochure PDF file (1 MB)

Selected Illustrations

Most design projects can be enhanced by using illustrations. Here are a few examples of illustrations done by Hogan Design.

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